how do i submit artwork?

Send us an email by clicking the  “contact” button or email us idsolutions@idsolutionsonline.com.  Email us what you have in mind. Things that are helpful to include...brand/color/style of shirt/items, attach inspiration, estimated order size, online or bulk order, fundraiser option, and date needed.  If you need help coming up with an idea, one of our graphic designers can do it for you. The more detail you give us, the closer we can get it to what you want. We welcome input and will make revisions on any artwork (no charge). Our main goal is to get you what you want.

how long does it take to receive artwork?

Artwork typically takes 3-5 days to complete (depending on complexity and turnaround time). Just specify in the email the date when you need the artwork. We can usually accommodate whatever your time frame may be. We will then send you an email with the artwork for your approval.

how do i set up an ordering web page for my order?

Once we get your approval on artwork, we will set it up online for you. All we need is your ordering deadline. We will then email you the ordering link (that you will be responsible for distributing or forwarding to your organization). 

when is the deadline for ordering and who determines it?

You or your organization can designate the date for closing the order, or we can help determine it if you let us know when you need the shirts.

can i have an order with multiple colors or styles of shirts?

We can accommodate multiple colors of shirts as long as you inform us before we do artwork. We must make the artwork so it will work on all colors. Mixing shirt types (e.g., short sleeve, long sleeve, sweatshirt, etc.) is not a problem as long as they are the same or similar color.

who do i contact if i am having problems/errors during ordering?

Email idsolutions@idsolutionsonline.com before the ordering deadline. Please include first and last name, phone number, organization name, and event name.

how long does it take to receive shirts?

Typically it takes two to three weeks from the ordering deadline. Please specify if you have a certain date when you need the shirts. We can sometimes produce shirts quicker depending on schedule and what type of shirt you are wanting. Some shirts require longer lead times. Availability and backorders of certain shirts can also factor in production time.

where are shirts shipped or delivered?

shirts can will be delivered one of the following ways...This information is provided on the product page with the organization's main contact information. 

  • delivered to organization's order contact and they are responsible for order distribution
  • delivered to our Stillwater store and you will pick up from there once they arrive. Organization's contact will let you know when they are ready for pick up the same way you received the order link. 
  • shipped direct to you- if you paid shipping and entered a shipping address at checkout.  
  • NOSHIP codes do not mean "free shipping" it is a code used to have your order delivered to your organization instead of paying for shipping direct to you.  

can i order a shirt after the deadline passes?

You can order online until 9 a.m. We are unfortunately unable to add shirts to the order after that time (due to fact that late orders after that will delay the entire order). Ordering deadlines may be extended by the main order contact, which in turn will delay the production of the entire order.  This usually happens when the minimum of 24 is not met by the deadline.

what is the minimum order?

Our minimum is 24 pieces per setup. We can also print under minimum orders at our discrepancy for an additional charge.

what if my order doesn't meet the 24-piece minimum?

We will automatically extend your ordering link for one week unless otherwise specified. If the order does not meet the minimum after that one-week extension, your order will be refunded back to the card you used to make the original purchase.  Refunds can take up to 3-5 business days to show up in your account. 

can we do a reorder?

We can do reorders as long as it meets our minimum requirements of 24 or more shirts.

what if i don’t see what i am looking for on your website?

We have access to many products that are not listed on our website. Just reach out to us with what you are looking for, and we’ll do our best to find it. We not only do apparel, but also offer hundreds of promotional products.

what if i still have questions?

Please feel to contact us either by email or phone!  idsolutions@idsolutionsonline.com or 405-677-8833