customer service

How do I contact you? 

please email us You may also call our office 405-677-8833.  

How do I start a custom order?  

Please fill out our online form by clicking here 

How do I receive my order?

Online orders- your order will not be produced until the order link expires.  The expiration date is determined by your organization/group representative  (ie. t-shirt chair, event organizer, etc. Once the order link has expired we will begin the fulfillment process.  Product is ordered, order is scheduled for production within approximately 2 weeks.  (This timeframe can be longer depending on product availability). We will communicate any delays, substitutions, etc. direct to your organization, not each individual order. 

Can I cancel or change an online order?

Once the online order link expires, we are unable to cancel or change you order.  So please check your order confirmation and make sure your order is accurate at the time your order is placed.  If changes need to be made, contact us immediately.  Email your full name, phone number and order number.  

Missed Order Deadline?

In most cases, once the link expires to an order online we we will be unable to add any late orders.  This is because we order all product, prepare all paperwork and schedule for production as soon as the link expires.  Adding just one shirt makes us have to redo all this work so we have to say no. 

Adding just one shirt to an order also can delay the whole order, not just that one order.  This is not fair to all the people that placed their order on time

If you missed the deadline please do not contact us, please contact your organization's contact (listed on product description or the person you received the ordering link from) to see what your options might be.  In certain cases we may be able to add late orders for large events but this will need to go through your organization's contact.    

Can I change my address or delivery method?

We are able to change shipping addresses up until we create labels and begin preparing them for shipment.  We are unable to change your delivery method once your order has been placed.  We would need to cancel your current order then you would need to place a new order.  This is only an option if the link is still open online. 

Organizational Distribution/Organization Pick up

This means that your organization/group has opened this order link to collect payment and orders online.  Orders will be delivered to your organization/group once complete for them to distribute.  For more information regarding how and when they will distribute, please look for communication from your organization/group or contact them.  Their information is listed on the product order page.  We can provide sort/label options for an additional charge for easier order distribution.  Please ask your designer about this option. 

Individual Shipping

This means your organization/group has asked for all orders to be shipped to each individual that places an order.  All orders are shipped by UPS.  Orders typically shipped 2-3 weeks after the order link expires online.  *This time can vary depending on link extensions, product availability, production delays, etc. You will receive an email with tracking information once the label has been created.  Tracking information will be updated once UPS picks up the order.  

Return and Refund Policy

Custom orders- All online orders are considered custom since they are designed specifically for your organization/group.  We are unable to refund, exchange, modify any orders placed online after the order link expires.  Please check your order confirmation for accuracy after you place your order.  If there is a change, please contact us immediately with your full name, order number and phone number.  

Damaged Products

Unfortunately we are not perfect and can't catch everything, we are human.  If you receive a damaged product please contact us immediately.  Provide full name, order number, phone number and photo of damage. 
Products must be unworn and unwashed. 

Product Lost or Damaged by UPS

Organization/Group Distribution- We count and account for all orders multiple times before delivery to your organization.  Therefore we cannot be responsible for lost or incorrect distribution of orders by your organization/group.  They will be responsible for replacement or refunding your order.  

Individual Shipped Orders-Since all orders are custom and only what is ordered online in produced, we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items by UPS.  


These orders typically take 2-3 weeks production time once the link expires online.  Individual shipping or Sort & Label items take an additional 2-3 days once production is complete.  

Please make note of your organization/group contact when placing your order.  You will need their information in case you need to contact them for your order.  Their information is listed on the product page when you placed your order. 

Product Substitutions

Due to product availability, it may be necessary to change color, brand, etc.  If this is necessary we will contact your organization/group contact.  They will be responsible for letting everyone in your group know of the change.  

Orders That Don't Meet Minimum

This means your organization/group did not order a total of 24 or more orders. If this happen, we will contact your organization/group contact to do one of the following....1. Extend link 2. Assess under minimum fee to organization/group/individual or 3. Refund and cancel all orders.